Haworth is launching several new product lines and announcing improvements to our existing portfolio at Orgatec 2010. The following products will all be on display within the Organic Workspace, demonstrating the flexibility of the product ranges.

Kiron bench workstations


T_up desk system

Kiron desk system

Designed by Andreas Struppler, the Kiron desk system has the flexibility to support collaboration and creative cultures – a goal achieved by incorporating Haworth’s in-depth workspace knowledge.


T_up desk system

T_up is a comprehensive and cost-effective desking system that provides easy assembly into numerous configurations and its storage options transform a simple desk into an efficient and integrated workspace.


Epure workstations


Universal Screens

Epure desk system

Designed by Emmanuel Dietrich, Epure enables change to be implemented in an easy, cost-effective and sustainable manner through optimal use of space, ease of installation and reconfiguration.


Universal Screens

The Universal Screen product range was developed by Haworth Design Studio to provide a single common panel solution to integrate across the range of Haworth’s desk systems.


LIM task light


Brazo task light

LIM desk lamp

LIM is a multi-purpose LED light designed by Pablo Pardo of Pablo Design and Ralph Reddig from Haworth Design Studio. It has an elegant profile crafted from light aluminium.


Brazo desk lamp

The Brazo light is an award winning LED desk lamp from Pablo Designs. It is the first task light to offer focus control, making it ideal for use near computer monitors


System 59 task chairs


Very task chair

System 59 task chair

Developed by Simon Desanta, in cooperation with Haworth Design Studio, the System 59 chair incorporates essential functionality into a sleek, clear design.


Very task chair

Designed by Michael Welsh and Nicolai Czumaj-Bront of the Haworth Design Studio, the Very task chair maintains the family tradition of science-led comfort.


Very multi-purpose chair


Aim lounge seating

Very multi-purpose seating

Haworth Design Studio and German designer Simon Desanta collaborated in the design of this most versatile and sustainable seating range.


Aim lounge furniture

Each Aim lounge, chaise, guest chair, bench and table is an artfully sculpted element of style. Designed by David Ritch and Mark Saffell, 5D Studio.


LTB lounge seats


MeetYou lounge partitions

LTB lounge seats

The name LTB echoes the initials of French designers Le Téo & Blet whose innovative concept supports the evolution of work styles and offers new ways of working.


MeetYou lounge partitions

The German designer Michael Schmidt aimed to create partitions that would enable private collaboration in an aesthetically comforting surrounding.


Vados storage


Kiron storage

Vados storage

These days, storage must be capable of accommodating change, so adaptability is a key factor. Vados, a cabinet system from the Haworth Design Studio, meets these requirements perfectly.


Kiron storage

The Kiron range was designed by Andreas Struppler with the flexibility to support collaboration and creative cultures. The storage element extends and integrates perfectly with the desk system.


Esedra3 demountable walls


Esedra3 glass walls

The new demountable partitioning range Esedra3 was developed by Haworth Design Studio to allow maximum design freedom and tailoring. It is simple to assemble and reconfigure.